What to Expect When You Begin ABA Therapy

Applied behavioral analysis, or ABA, therapy is a powerful tool for teaching new skills to children with autism symptoms, attention deficits, developmental delays, and behavioral concerns. If you are planning to begin ABA therapy for your child, then there are several things that you can expect.

Intake Session

First, you will be interviewed by a behavior analyst . This step is to provide the therapist with detailed information regarding your child’s medical, family, and developmental history. Typically, your child will not be present for this appointment, as the intake session is an opportunity for the therapist to discuss the parent’s concerns and goals for the child. At the end of the interview, the ABA therapist will discuss any clinical impressions they have reached and provide you with initial treatment and assessment recommendations.

Skills Assessment

After the intake session, the behavior analyst will conduct a skills assessment with the child. The primary focus of this assessment is to determine the child’s skills and areas of need in matters such as play, fine/gross motor, social, self-help, and language skills. It may take multiple sessions to acquire a baseline for this information.

Therapy Sessions

Based on the outcome of the skills assessment, your ABA therapist will develop an individual treatment plan. The length of treatment can vary widely, from as little as a few months to as long as several years. The therapist will discuss the proposed goals for your child’s treatment. The individual treatment plan will continually be updated with new goals as your child acquires skills. The therapy sessions can include both skills assessments and treatment for problem behaviors. A session typically consists of natural environment teaching, or NET, and table teaching, although this can vary depending on a child’s individual needs.

At The Behavior Exchange, our goal is to improve the lives of children using scientifically validated ABA techniques. To learn if your child could benefit from attending an ABA school near Dallas , please give us a call at (888) 716-8084.





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