• Understanding Autism Symptoms

    Many parents of children with autism have longed to know how their children perceive the world. Of course, every child is unique, regardless of whether or not he or she has autism. Each child will have a unique perspective on the world. But for children with autism, the way in which they perceive the world […]

  • Tips for Dealing with a Crisis at Home

    Parents of children with autism can work closely with an autism therapist to learn how to implement effective intervention techniques during a crisis situation. When a crisis occurs, the primary focus must be on maintaining the safety of the child and others involved. For a child with autism, a crisis is generally defined as behaviors […]

  • Quick Facts About Autism

    If your child was recently diagnosed with autism, you’re probably trying to learn as much about it as possible. Autism is a developmental disorder that has a broad range of potential symptoms. Communication impairment, behavioral problems, and social issues are common among children with autism. However, it’s important to realize that every individual with autism […]

  • A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Wandering

    Wandering is alarmingly common among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Not only can it be extremely distressing for children and their families, but wandering is also dangerous. Children with autism who wander are more likely to suffer close calls with traffic accidents and drowning incidents, and they may be unable to communicate their situation […]

  • The Benefits of Early Autism Detection

    It’s perfectly normal for children to develop at different rates. However, if your child is lagging behind on some developmental milestones, it’s best to err on the side of caution and have him or her evaluated for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). While some of the signs of autism may be detectable as early as six […]

  • Answering Some Questions About Challenging Behaviors

    Children with autism can display challenging behaviors. Parents often wonder exactly how challenging behaviors are defined. Generally, autism therapists define them as any behaviors that reduce the child’s quality of life, such as by interfering with his or her family life or social life. Behaviors that prevent a child from functioning within certain settings, such […]

  • How Autism Affects Family Life

    A diagnosis of autism can change the life of not only the child with it but also the lives of his parents, siblings, and other relatives. For the parents of children with autism, it’s important to both address the immediate demands of their children and the more far-reaching needs of their families. Understanding how autism […]

  • Benefits of One-on-One Therapy from The Behavior Exchange

    While behavior disorder specialists may classify certain behavior disorders into general categories, the children who are diagnosed with these conditions are wholly distinct in their needs. That is why The Behavior Exchange offers one-on-one therapy for children in the greater Dallas area. Being able to spend time alone with each of our students allows our […]

  • What Parents Need to Know About Language Delays

    When parents hear their babies coo or babble, they may not realize just how important those nonsensical sounds are to their children’s development. Well before infants verbalize their first recognizable word, they are learning and testing their language abilities in a variety of ways. Though children can develop their communication skills over varying periods of […]

  • What Are the Social Development Milestones for 2-Year-Olds?

    The developmental phase that parents often refer to as the terrible twos is just one aspect of toddler social growth. This video discusses what parents can expect from their 2-year-olds and how they can nurture their development. Toddlers are eager to demonstrate their independence, which is why they may become disagreeable at times. They also […]

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