• Tips for Creating Learning Opportunities at Home

    Autism specialists can help parents restructure the home environment to create learning opportunities. For example, many children with autism have trouble using speech to make requests. An autism expert might advise a parent to place certain objects, such as preferred snacks, within view of the child, yet out of reach. This may encourage the child […]

  • How We Can Help Your Family Deal with Mealtime Issues

    It’s often difficult for parents to ensure that their children eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Many children are picky eaters and would much rather eat ice cream than spinach. Unfortunately, children with autism are often exceptionally picky eaters. Some children with autism may only have a few foods that they willingly eat. At The Behavior […]

  • How to Foster Strong Sibling Bonds with a Child with Autism

    Raising a child with autism involves special challenges for families. Parents must devote a significant portion of their time to addressing the needs of the child with autism. Often, this has a detrimental effect on the relationship between the child with autism and his or her siblings. Siblings can also be adversely affected by the […]

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