Identifying the Signs and Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder which falls on the autism spectrum . Children with Asperger’s generally have a fairly high level of functioning, however, these children can experience challenges across several areas of development including the impairment of social skills. If your child has Asperger’s syndrome, you can find the help your family needs at an autism therapy center.

Motor Delays
Some children with Asperger’s display delays in motor skill development . You may have noticed that your child has trouble with gross motor skills, such as when he or she runs or rides a bike. Or, they may struggle with fine motor skills, such as using silverware and gripping a pencil.

Children Showing Their Painted Hands

Communication Impairment
This autism spectrum disorder is often characterized by communication impairment. Children with Asperger’s may have a well-developed vocabulary; however, they may not understand figures of speech or sarcasm. They may have trouble interpreting changes in pitch and tone, and they may struggle to start or maintain a conversation. When they do engage in conversation, it is typically a one-sided conversation. Children with Asperger’s often talk at length about a narrow subject of interest and they typically do not perceive social cues that indicate the other person is trying to change the topic of conversation.

Social Difficulties
Social skills are sometimes difficult for children with Asperger’s to master. They may have trouble interpreting another person’s body language and facial expressions, which can lead to misunderstandings when interacting with peers. They may stare at others inappropriately or avoid eye contact. In addition, children with this autism spectrum disorder may have trouble showing empathy for others.

Here at The Behavior Exchange , we believe that every child on the spectrum can reach his or her full potential. Our autism therapists apply the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in our behavior classes to help children overcome their challenges. Parents throughout Dallas and Plano can reach our autism therapy center by calling (972) 312-8733.





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