Making a Plan for Success in the Classroom for Students with Autism

Students with autism often face unique challenges in the classroom. However, these students also bring a thirst for learning and creative thinking skills to this environment. These students can greatly benefit from a school environment that allows them to interact with peers and teachers through a customized learning plan that takes each student’s needs and goals into account.

Individualized Education Programs

Individualized education programs , or IEPs, are required by law for children who receive special education services. An IEP outlines your child’s specific learning needs and provides a rubric for goal assessment to help teachers and other school staff create, implement, and manage his educational path. This document also spells out the accommodations the school will make for your child, such as allowing special test-taking circumstances, and transition planning for older children to prepare teens for success after high school. An IEP is created with input from several individuals; this group often includes parents, teachers, school administrative staff, and ABA therapists.

School Consultation

In addition to developing an IEP for your child, working with an autism school consulting service can provide added information and training for school staff to ensure your child receives appropriate support and attention. A school consulting service can objectively assess the school’s current autism and other special needs support services, then make suggestions to modify and improve these programs to improve the learning environment for students and teachers. By providing up-to-date education and consulting, a school consultation can create a stable foundation upon which your child’s educational program can be built.

Would you like to learn more about how The Behavior Exchange can help your child excel in the classroom environment? We are pleased to offer a variety of services designed to meet the needs of children with autism in Plano, including applied behavior analysis , communication training, parent training, and school consulting services. You can reach us by phone at (888) 716-8084, or visit our website to learn more about helping children with autism, Asperger’s, and other behavior disorders achieve success in the classroom and at home.





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