Watson’s Word of The Day

Today’s word is: Imaginative Play Imaginative play is when your child is able to create play scenes with or without toys, including dialogue, without direct prompting from an adult. Pretending and role-playing can help young children learn practical life skills, such as dressing themselves and how to cooperate and share with others.   

Stay-cation for Spring Break:

Planning structured activities Traveling may not be an option this year for Spring Break. But family fun is still on the agenda! There are many ways that you can have fun right at home by planning structured activities for your family. These can include games, science experiments, treasure hunts, obstacle courses, art projects. Keep your […]

Negative reinforcement and Positive Punishment: What this means

Negative reinforcement and Positive Punishment: What this means.

In the field of ABA, you might see the words “reinforcement” and “punishment” being used quite a bit. With both of these terms, they can be further broken down into “positive” and “negative.” You might be thinking, “Wait, negative reinforcement and positive punishment…those sound pretty contradicting!” Well, let’s go into these terms in a little […]

Buddy’s Tips & Bits

Take a breath and speak softly.For example: When your child’s upset or having a difficult time, speak softly to ease the situation. It helps them settle down and listen. More importantly, it will help you to remain calm and get through anything.

Watson’s Word of The Day

Today’s word is: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) ASD is a developmental disorder that affects a child’s communication and behavior. “Spectrum” means there’s a wide range of types and severity of symptoms. In general, symptoms are either deficits (a lack of behaviors), or excesses where behaviors are repetitive and non-functional. All individuals with ASD are unique […]

Holiday Chefs

A new family tradition. With the winter holidays coming right around the corner, you may have some extra time with your children at home. And what better way to make holiday memories and build traditions than to bring the family into the kitchen and bake some sweet homemade treats. Not only is it about making […]

Our Frisco Hive!

Explore our bee-utiful Frisco Hive from the comfort of your home! Can you spot the squirrels in the trees? Take a look a look at this 360 video of our Frisco Hive.

How to Teach Your Child with Autism to Express Themselves Appropriately

Functional Communication Training Communication is a fundamental skill that enables us to express our wants and needs effectively. Children with autism and other developmental concerns often have difficulty expressing themselves in appropriate ways. They tend to replace language, such as “I need help,” “Play with me,” “Too loud,” and even shaking their head “no,” with […]

Buddy’s Tips & Bits

Work on a fun project together to practice skills like taking turns, requesting and giving items from others, and following instructions. We call it cooperative play. For example: Put together a train track by taking turns with each piece or use Legos to build a tower that can be knocked down.