ABA Therapy Endorsements

abs therapy endorsements

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is proven, effective, and recommended. After decades of research dating back to the 1970s, Applied Behavior Analysis therapy (ABA) as we know it today has overwhelmingly […]

Make story time engaging and fun!

Engage your child during story time. Easy as one fish, two fish. When choosing a book, offer choices to your child to see which book they would like to read! […]

Buddy’s Tips & Bits #27

Intentionally Teach Safety. Children with learning differences often don’t comprehend safety issues naturally. Instead, they have to be taught skills that will help them stay safe. For example, we intentionally […]

Watson’s Word of the Day #20

Today’s word is: Matching to Sample. Matching to Sample refers to the process of helping children identify relationships between items. For example, we show a child the word “apple” and […]

Watson’s Word #19

Today’s word is: Busy Bee Anthem. Before we start an activity that requires movement, we use our fun Busy Bee Anthem to warm up. It goes like this: “Okay! Stand […]

Buddy’s Tips & Bits # 35

Fit children can learn more and faster.  Make regular physical exercise a part of your child’s daily and weekly routines. A walk in the neighborhood, swimming at the local recreation […]

Buddy’s Tips & Bits # 34

Intentionally teach safety. Children with learning differences frequently don’t have the ability to comprehend safety issues. So we must intentionally teach things like wearing a seatbelt, walking with an adult […]

Tips & Tidbits #33

Chores help children be independent. Teach your child to do all that they can for themselves and around the house. It will give them a great sense of accomplishment! Break […]

Watson’s Word of the day! #16

Today’s word is: Initial Treatment Plan (ITP) An ITP consists of individualized goals and target for acquisition based upon holes and gaps identified in a child’s skills assessment. It also […]